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Beijing Yanqing Olympic Park Ski Resort

Check-in and travel, a new choice to start an immersive Winter Olympics experience. Beijing Yanqing Olympic Park relies on the four elements of "four seasons, competition, experience, and Winter Olympics" and focuses on the three major areas of "mountain, leisure, and vacation" to create China's most influential ice and snow themed, mountain tourism integration, four-season It is a suitable holiday destination. The park will be grandly opened on May Day to check in the cultural heritage of the Winter Olympics and start a new immersive travel experience.

Immersive experience

The Yanqing Olympic Park in Beijing has completely preserved the landscape elements of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, including the National Alpine Skiing Center, the National Bobsleigh Center and the "Most Beautiful Winter Olympics Village". It will also provide reservation visits and professional explanations.

Nearly a thousand high-quality rooms in the hotel group in the park are hotly booked. You can also check in the "Champion Room" to experience the same room as the Winter Olympics champion, Winter Olympics licensed souvenir shop, athlete restaurant, Olympic theme hotel, smart Winter Olympics guest room, Bingdundun and Xuerong Rong will also return hand in hand. The park has China's only snowmobile and sled track that meets Olympic standards, and the country's longest, most technologically advanced, and highest safety sightseeing ropeway, all of which are open to tourists to experience, replicating athletes' Winter Olympics life 1:1.

Beijing Yanqing Olympic Park is located in the core area of the Yanqing Winter Olympics. It covers two major areas: the National Alpine Ski Center and the public ski resort. It is one of the important legacies formed before the Beijing Winter Olympics. This Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games At the Olympics, the Alpine Skiing Center and Bobsleigh Center in the Yanqing Division produced a total of 21 Winter Olympic gold medals and 30 Winter Paralympic gold medals. The Chinese national team achieved a "zero" breakthrough in the history of the Winter Olympics in the Yanqing Division, winning A precious bronze medal in the snowmobile and sled event created the excitement and glory of the Yanqing competition area with perseverance and fighting spirit.

The National Alpine Ski Center "Xue Feiyan" is located in the northeast of the competition area and at the south foot of the main peak of Xiaohaituo. It is 2,400 meters wide from east to west and 3,100 meters long from north to south. The venue covers an area of 432.4 hectares; the cableway system is 103,000 meters long, with a drop of more than 900 meters, including carriages. There are two different experiences: box style and hanging chair style. During the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the National Alpine Ski Center held challenging and ornamental events such as downhill, super-G, giant slalom, and slalom, and was called the "Crown Pearl of the Winter Olympics." Build the most professional ski resort in the country and become a gathering place for sports enthusiasts and a place for internet celebrities to check in.

The National Snowmobile and Sled Center "Snow Dragon" is located on the central ridge of the competition area. It is the 17th snowmobile and sled track currently in use in the world. It is also the third in Asia, the first in China, and the only Olympic standard track. , experience a novel experience that you have never had before. The bobsleigh event is one of the fastest events in the Winter Olympics and is known as "Snow F1".

Enter the park

Beijing Yanqing Olympic Park is located between the Xiaohaituo Valley, the second highest peak in Beijing, where there are clear breezes, sea of ink mountains, green pines and cypresses, chirping birds, and the singing of cicadas. The beautiful Xiaohaituo Valley is "clear, quiet, wild, and interesting" With its natural features, rich animal, plant and ice resources, it has become a destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts across the country.

The Winter Olympic Village is located in the south of the park, with a construction area of 118,000 square meters and 702 guest rooms of various types. During the competition, it received a total of 126 national delegations and more than 1,900 athletes and team officials. It received the most delegations at this Winter Olympics. Olympic village.

Niseko Mt.Resort Grand HIRAFU

It is the largest in the Niseko region, gathering tourists from all over the world pursuing the top powder snow experience. There are varied ski trails in the vast grounds, which can be enjoyed by beginners to masters. There are many restaurants in the foothills, allowing visitors to enjoy their leisure time after skiing. ※The above information is only for the HIRAFU area. For information about the garden area, please contact Japan HARMONY RESORT Co., Ltd.

Zhangjiakou Yunding Ski Resort, Hebei

Secret Garden Genting Paradise (Genting Ski Resort) is invested and constructed by Malaysia Genting Group and Excellence Group. The annual average temperature here is only 3.3°C and the snow accumulation time lasts for 150 days. The unique geographical advantage creates better conditions for ice and snow entertainment projects. It is a good place for skiing, enjoying ice, and leisure and entertainment.

The ski resort is equipped with a number of Italian TECHNOALPIN snow machines and Italian Pronos snow blowers, and a complete snowmaking system fully guarantees the operating environment of the ski resort. In order to meet the needs of snowboarders, the resort also has a snowboard entertainment area to meet the different needs of skiers of different levels.

Hokkaido Ishikari Plain Ski Resort

About 60 minutes by car from Sapporo! It is a ski resort where you can enjoy yourself easily. There are flat and slippery gentle slopes, moderately steep slopes with steep changes, and so on. It is recommended for parents and children with fun and beginners and intermediate skiers. There is also a complete ski school and catering facilities.

Tateshina Tokyu Ski Resort

From snow basins, children's squares to snow ski tires, etc., all kinds of snow facilities are available, and parent-child courses suitable for first skiing are also provided, which is most suitable for bringing the family to enjoy together.

Sapporo Moiwa Mountain Ski Resort, Hokkaido

Sapporo Moiwa Mountain Ski Resort is a ski resort specially built for skiers. About 30 minutes from Sapporo Station. Whether you are playing with your family or advanced skiers, everyone can enjoy the 10 varied slopes. The night skiing experience where you can ski while enjoying the night view of Sapporo is also very popular.

홋카이도 니세코 모이와 스키 리조트

The 20-21 season will open on Saturday, December 5th. We will be open until April 5, 2021 (Sun). We will do my best to take measures against infectious diseases and we also ask for the guest’s cooperation. Let’s have a good season。

Niigata Koide Ski Resort

The home-like atmosphere is one of the charms of this ski resort, and the scenery is even more outstanding! While overlooking the majestic mountains, the whole family can enjoy skiing and skiing. After skiing to your heart's content, relax at the hot spring "Miharunoyu Komami" which is about a minute's walk from the ski slope.


Easily reached, even in winter: only 60 kilometers from Sapporo and 55 kilometers from New Chitose Airport, with no rugged mountain passes. Great powder snow and reliable weather throughout the season! Everyone from beginners to experts can find courses that suit them, including special areas like the Kids Park and Freestyle Park. Speaking of kids, young children 3 to 9 making their ski debut are invited to participate in fun Kids Lessons. Those who want the most out of their trip to the slopes are encouraged to stay at Hotel Mount Racey. The hotel features a bridge that brings you right to the gondola lift and a hot spring that you can look forward to after a day on the slopes.

Jilin Vanke Songhua Lake Ski Resort

Songhua Lake Ski Resort is located at the northern foot of Daqing Mountain at an altitude of about 935 meters, adjacent to Songhua Lake, with a mountain drop of about 605 meters. The annual ice and snow period in the region is more than 150 days, the average snow thickness can reach about 1 meter, and the snow quality is excellent. It can accommodate 2,000 people to ski at the same time. The sixth National Winter Games was held.

The ski resort has a total of 34 high-quality ski trails and a total of 6 passenger ropeways. One of the sightseeing passenger ropeways allows visitors to climb to the top of the green mountains in a comfortable environment in summer, and enjoy the lake and mountains. Songhua Lake Ski Resort has a long mountain slope in China, with a total length of 5.23 kilometers. The 5 alpine ski trails in the ski resort have been certified by the International Snow Federation, which can meet the needs of the international giant slalom. For more beginner skiers, the ratio of high, middle, and elementary slopes is set to 2:4:4, and cross-country skiing and platform jumping are also provided. The high, medium, and elementary ski trails are evenly distributed, and there are also family ski parks, professional teaching parks, mass sports parks and competitive sports parks. Skiers of different levels do not interfere with each other, which can meet the needs of international professional events and family vacations.

  The Songhua Lake Ski Resort currently has an alpine ski trail nearly 3000 meters long (including an attached 700-meter ski trail) and 50 meters wide. The highest slope of the ski slope is 32 degrees, the average slope is 15 degrees, the distance is long, the route is straight, the slope is small, and the field of vision is wide. It is suitable for fast, large and small slalom competitions and training. There is also a circular cross-country ski trail with a length of 5000 meters and a width of 4 meters (there are two ski trails of 2500 meters and 3000 meters). Half of this ski trail extends in the forest of green trees. There are both hillsides and flat ground, both up and down slopes, with a wide view and meeting the requirements of the competition. In 1986, a 50-meter ski jumping platform was built in accordance with international standards. From 1981 to 1986, three aerial passenger ropeways were built here. Among them, the No. 1 ropeway has a total length of 1,776 meters, 80 chairlifts, and it travels 1.6 meters per second. It takes only 15 minutes to reach the top of the mountain from the starting point and can transport 120 people per hour. In addition, there are small ski resorts and sled trails for beginners, as well as snowmobiles and horse-drawn sledges for tourists to enjoy.

   The Songhua Lake Ski Resort has 2 alpine ski trails with a total length of 2,950 meters, divided into high, middle, and junior ski routes; cross-country ski trails are 5000 meters long; 1 ropeway, 1774 meters long, is an open-ride single person Chair lift; the snow park built in 1992 is a comprehensive and supporting large-scale tourist ski center; there are also 5 kilometers of cross-country ski trails, a 50-meter jumping platform and a modern two shooting range. In addition to skiing, the scenic spot also has amusement horses Pull sledges, snowmobiles, sleds and other facilities.

Songhua Lake Ski Resort is located on the bank of Songhua Lake, at the foot of the green mountain more than 20 kilometers southeast of the city. It belongs to the north temperate continental monsoon climate. There are many mountains and lush forests, fresh air, low sand, low pollution, high snow volume, long snow period, and stable air pressure. The average annual snow and ice period can reach more than 150 days. In addition, the non-icing Songhua River evaporates water vapor, which blows into the Qingshan area with the wind, and when it encounters condensation and frost, it covers the ski area, so that the ski line is covered with fresh snow every day, and the snow is thick above the mountainside. It can reach more than 1 meter. During the ski season, from 8 am to 3 pm every day, the average temperature is about minus 10℃-13℃. This ski resort is a "V"-shaped ski resort with a covering area of 250 hectares. Daqing Mountain is 934.2 meters above sea level, with a drop of 671 meters between the tip and the bottom of the mountain. The ski resort is very close to the city, it only takes more than 40 minutes by car. It is an ideal skiing venue.

     The Songhua Lake Ski Resort in Jilin City is affiliated to the Jilin Municipal Sports Bureau. It has hosted the "Sixth China Winter Games", "The Second China Youth Winter Games", "China Ski Jumping Championships" and competitions of different levels of provincial and municipal snow events. . It has received many "China·Jilin International Rime and Snow Festival" tourists. Well-known TV stations at home and abroad, such as the American Ski Team and Canadian TV, have all visited here for exclusive interviews. CCTV Channel 1 and Channel 4 came to Daqingshan in 1999-2003 to shoot TV music scenery films and feature films with the theme of Chairman Mao Zedong and General Secretary Jiang Zemin praising the scenery of the North and the Northeast customs of "Walk Through China". And broadcast on these two channels to more than 180 countries and regions in the world. For many years, the resort has made important contributions to promoting skiing and snow tourism in China, as well as in driving the economic development of rural areas around cities.

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